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    Summit... Yes or No?

    I am debating on if I should spend the $660 to $760 WHOPPING DOLLARS on a Traxxas Summit. I have looked at other brands of rc crawlers like Axial and Losi, but for some reason I keep drifting back to the Traxxas Summit. Looks like it would be a good truck for everything, and even though it is not a purpose built crawler, it looks like it would do pretty good! I have more than enough money saved, around $1000, but I want to save it for buying a Jeep when I am older. I could always get a job and earn the money back fast. What should I do??? Buy and have an awesome RC that can go anywhere with me and pull me on my longboard I might get for my bday, or save to buy a vehicle in 4 to 5 years when I am 18. Do you think I should get one, and if I did, would it be worth the loss of my savings?
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