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    E-Revo Brushless with TQI - What parts do I need?


    I'm new to Traxxas and have just purchased an E-Revo Brushless with TQI radio.

    (1) What parts do I need to buy to use this radio?
    (2) And do any of the reading's on the app work without purchasing additional parts?
    (3) Finally, how difficult is it to install these parts? I.e does Traxxas provide any instructional manuals or video links showing how?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to reply :-)



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    You won't get any reading since you'll have to get the sensors for it to work
    But if you have a idevice than it will certainly help you with settings n adjustment
    I don't have part # off hand but this is what you'll need for.......
    Rpm sensor for speed
    Telemetry magnet,
    Spur gear, has to be telemetry ready for magnet
    Spur gear cover, for rpm sensor placement

    Temp n voltage sensor for temperature reading on motor and voltage sensor tha monitors voltage on your battery
    Powertap for use with temp n voltage
    I think that's it, but on Traxxas page it will tell you everything u need for that model. It's there just gotta look.
    Forgot motor mount for temp sensor on motor

    There are a few quick instructions but nothing to hard. For me is putting all the wires away
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