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    Quote Originally Posted by 4sdash View Post
    yeah we do some stupid things for fun but i had to shave the trans to get the 62 to mesh right
    have you thought about getting a bigger pinion? i saw one time they make a 24t which would then allow a smaller spur or mesh the 62 without trouble.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cinnabun View Post
    Yeah, like trying to backflip an XL flux with 4ft of air. No wonder I break so much stuff. Maybe I should go back to Kmart grade rc stuff
    man kmart stuff heck no i wouldnt go back to them unless it was for the body only lol they are pretty thick when i had my last one like 15yrs ago. I use to buy KB toy rc's when i was growing up.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cinnabun View Post
    The vorza will outrun an emaxx without a doubt. You saw how it launched. An emaxx isn't touching it
    pm me a link to your vids i wouldnt mind watching them if you dont mind.
    DEU 8:18 ESV

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cinnabun View Post
    Awesome video. Do you have the footage of the vorza vs 3906?
    nope that footage disappeared lol but we always can record the rematch of the 3906 walking out on the vorza

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