Hey everybody! My name is Jacob Chandler... well my screen name is at least. I am almost 15 years old, and I am going to take all of you on a journey. In a little less then a month, I am going to be buying on of the best RC Trucks in the world... the Traxxas Summit. My goal with this Summit is to buy it this year, and when in a few years, 6 to 10, I am going to do what no one has done before. I am going to get a Summit, I am going to modify the Summit, and in 6 to 10 years, my friends and I are going to Summit the Country. We are going to go through every state in the USA, except Hawaii, and we are going to drive that Summit in every type of terrain possible. If it can survive 6+ years, and then go wheeling in every single state, except hawaii, this will truly be the best RC Truck EVER! So, this is going to be the thread that for somewhere around the next 10 years, I am going to be posting pictures, updates, and everything that goes on around my Summit, and when the time comes, the Summit will be Summit...ing the Country.