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    How can I change the RX in Link?

    I am trying to change the rx (5 ch tqi) to another 5 ch tqi. When I swap it into the vehicle, it comes up as a Slash in the link app, yet its an xo-1. Can I change this?

    Also, this swapped out RX is not letting me get throttle to the motor. But it is linked because I can control the steering servo in channel 1. The motor is in channel 2 but no power. The esc just beeps and beeps.


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    The name is simple,
    Turn everything on as normal, then on the main screen, click the picture of the car, a menu will pop up, pick the car it's currently in. As for the throttle, I'm not too framiliar with it, but all i can think of it try and re-bind them. I'm sure someone else will chip in on this

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