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    Question about a motor

    Hey guys Umm i have a 1/16 grave digger based on a mini merv and i have a 1/10 scale brushless motor can i put it in their it fits fine i have tryed it and drived it does about 50 with nimh but anyways is it okay with the diffs are they metal or is it a bad idea i ran it about 20 mins battery still has tons of power left. The mah is a 3800 mah the motor is warm and esc is warm like 100 degrees or less is this bad thanxs for sharing. did a whellie and scraped my wires for the battery almost broke it but i fixed it so its okay and yes i like doing the faces

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    To be on the safe side shim your diffs but with brushless I would run Lipo batteries

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    yes you can run it. it is the same size as the titan 550 motor.

    I went the other way around and put a 380 vileneon into a 1/10th bandit.. and am using the vxl-3m esc and so far no problems except broken parts!!
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