hey everyone, so i just bought it second hand not long ago and everything was going fine untill yesterday for no reason at all, the lights started flickering and the steering would be going crazy left to right by itself completly unresponsive. it still goes forward and back but the steering is completly stuffed up and the light on the reciever box is flashig red and green really fast. Does anyone know what it could be ? i was it after every use and wd-40 everything ive already looked and theres no water anywhere. also the servos make a loud buzzing noise when its not doing this even when its not moving.

Also a question about the bateries, im running 2 2s 30 - 40c 5000mah lipo batteries, i have lvc but they dont buzz so i have to keep checking which is annoying. After about 15 mins of use the battery on the esc side will be at around 7.2 then when i go for another short run its like the motor (titan 775) completly sucks the life out and it comes back with somtimes 5 volts in the battery, but then after about 5 minutes it charges right back up by itself, is this normal ? they are pretty much brand new only had a few cycles. Im very new to this and am just trying to learn as much as i can any advice would be very much appreciated