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    truck height problem!!!

    i have my shocks in the middle up top and the middle on the bottom, i want my truck to sit low, including the suspension, so is there any way i could do this without touching my shocks, or is my best bet to go inside up top and out side on the bottom with the shock mount holes? also, do rpm a-arms help to lower the body as far as shock mount positions go, for instance, if i had on stampede with stock a-arms and one with rpm arms,same shock mount position on both, would one be taller or shorter then the other??????in general i dont want that much ground clearance, with a low CG!!!

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    The more you lay the shocks down, the lower the height and cg get. Put your top end of the shocks on the holes closest to the vehicle centerline. Go outwards on the bottom holes. You don't want to go so low that the A arms go below parallel to the ground or you won't have enough suspension travel for off road or rebound. This will also stiffen your suspension and may make you more likely to flip if the tires catch hold in a hard turn as the body won't roll as easily. You can also try different springs and tune with different shock piston heads and oil weights. The sway bar kit improves handling also.

    If you want it to look lower, you can shorten the body mounts to close up the gap between the tires and the wheel wells.
    I think RPM arms are longer, so you might be able to go lower but you're still going to have the same problems with that mentioned above. I've found the stock arms to be quite tough. I hit a drain pipe at high speed and actually broke the rear bulkhead and bent the pin that holds the arm on, but the A arm was fine. I wouldn't change them unless you break some.

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    Laying the shocks down make the suspension softer but you gain steering and traction. For high traction surface you typically want a more upright shock. You can also adjust ride height with softer springs and /or internal shock limiters. There are pros and cons to any suspension changes.

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    Laying them down makes them get progressively stiffer. If you want to keep the suspension rates the same, but lower it, you can put 4 equal lengths of nitro fuel tube on the shock shaft under the shock piston, inside the shocks. You will loose some preload adjustment, and suspension droop also.
    The rpm arms are the same length.
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