So as some of you know, I bought my first Summit about a week and a half ago. The thing is just awesome and I couldn't be happier. It does NOT have the LVD because I believe it's a 2010 version.

On to the issue. I bought a Summit that I will give my son for his X-mas present. It's a 2012 and has the TQi controller. I got it off of E-bay and it arrived today. It came with Traxxas 8.4V 3000mAh batteries. First thing I did was threw the batteries on the charger. Then I grabbed my other (charged) batteries and put them in the truck and turned the transmitter on. Then I pushed the button on the ESC (which is the LVD model). It was blinking fast green and would not move. The servos all worked and could turn the wheels back and forth, but no forward and no reverse. Then I noticed the controller was set to 70/30 and not 50/50 like my other Summit was (is this the throttle trim???). So I shut everything off and switched it over to 50/50, turned everything back on again, and then it worked fine. So please tell me if everything there sounds like I did the right thing.

Next issue. This one is nowhere near as fast as my truck. As far as I know, mine is stock as far as gears and everything. I thought maybe it was in training mode, so I switched through the settings. It was not in training, so that is not the issue. Any ideas??? The only difference I know of between the two is that one has LVD ESC and one doesn't.

Last issue. Back to the stocks batteries. The guy told me he only had 5 charges on them (and by the looks of the truck, I believe him). But they won't charge up. Charger said they were charged, so I put them in the truck and drove it for about 5 minutes and it dies very quickly. I pulled the batteries again and charged them again. Seems that one will charge up to 1700 mAh and the other 900 mAh. This is what my Onxy charger tells me anyway. Does that mean the batteries are shot?? If so, I'm gonna try and get a partial refund from the guy.

Sorry for the long post, but I really needed to explain in detail what was going on.

BTW, here are the trucks.