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    Summit upgrades???

    Help! I'm newish to RC cars. Bought summit 1/16 vxl and want to know best upgrades for the car.

    Also, how big of wheels can I put on it for more ground clearance? And cooling for batteries.

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    Here is what I have done to my MERV... most still apply to the Summit:
    I very rarely walk away broke with these changes...

    Steel hollow balls (7028x) to reduce slop
    3M mushroom tape along battery doors to hold the body on
    Aluminum knuckles to reduce slop and add strength (I have HR but recommend GPM or GH)
    A BB 390 servo due to the stock being known to fry/strip itself
    RPM a arms at all four corners (Front-80692, Rear-80602)
    Center differential (7014) upgrade to help handle the power of
    2200mah 2S 20C LiPo's ran in parallel for ~1 hour run times
    23/50 gearing gets me to ~30mph yet keeps temps in check
    Shimmed front and rear bulkheads... *LINK*

    Especially do that last part... extremely cheap preventative procedure.

    Here are some Summit specific survival modifications:
    Stock Revo axle shafts
    Stock Revo rockers

    Bigger wheels will do more than create ground clearance... they also create heat issues. To solve these issues be prepared to gear down... which will make the RC slower.

    If your batteries are getting too hot, you are demanding too much from them.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    Grrrr. Wish I had waited for this post before ordering just now!! I read and read ad bought some things but you have several listed I didn't get. So my truck (for my lil boy) will be here Monday! Woohoo. Got RPM arms for all four, a set of e-revo Drive shafts, Heatsink, The u joints from rustler, P2 rockers, a second battery, Shims for the diff, shock oil, And diff oil. 2nd servo was in the list but couldn't decide which one and/or how to waterproof whichever I chose. I am having some doubts on 2 parts. The shims... I couldn't find te right part number for 1/16 summit specifically... Found number on a different mod do hopefully they work. Also worried I didn't get right part for the U joints and metal ball studs from rustler. Guess we'll see in a few days!!

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