Hello I have a Traxxas Rustler VXL, and I got a Traxxas 11.1v lipo 5000mah and after I charged the battery and put it in the truck it ran for about 5 minutes and then i lost 50% power and the red light on the esc began blinking.I know the battery is fully charged and I have the fan that goes on the esc.The hobbyshop told me that the battery may be damaged so I figured I would buy another battery which is the same 11.1 Lipo Just in case, and it does the same thing. It does it in race mode and in sport mode however if i use my venom 7.4v lipo It does not have any issues it only does is it with the 11.1v and it does it regardless if I run it at high speeds or if I hardly putt it around the yard. I have no idea what to do to fix the problem other than turn off the lipo protection mode on the esc and that's probley not a good move so...any suggestions would be helpful.
Thank you