Hey Guys,

Ive been playing with my old 3906 e-maxx recently after it being retired from racing for the past 8 years. Put a few upgrades in it to handle the dual dewalt motors but I have now picked up a HobbyWing 150A ecs with a 2000kv sensorless motor. Needless to say this thing shreds the diffs. Looking for some suggestions as to what I should replace them with to handle the 4S and possibly the 6S lipos I just bought.

The plastic cups in the rear diff stripped in seconds.

Current driveline upgrades are:
- Full CVDs all around
- Steel idler gear

The rest of the upgrades were for strength and low CG for racing.

I have found some options but not sure how good they are.

Fast Lane: http://www.fastlanemachine.net/prodd...lm51000&cat=15
Will these fit inside the two bolt diffs?
Fast Lane: http://www.fastlanemachine.net/prodd...LM18750&cat=15
My bulk heads are already aluminium and fine, so not too keen on these.

Spool the rear and maybe the front too.
How bad is this with the steering? I know I will lose some control but not sure how much.

Hot Racing: http://www.hot-racing.com/index.cgi?...RVO11C01;c=431
Will these cups fit the 3906 diffs?

Traxxas 3908 diffs. Would these hold out with a 2000kv on 4S or 6S?
Or a combination of these diffs with the Hot Racing cups.

Or the other option is diffs from something else like an LST or a 1/8th buggy? Any that are easier to fit than others?

Any help would be great. Thanks!