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Thread: Engine bearings

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    Engine bearings

    We are having some trouble, a freind and myself are having the same problem. We both have 3.3,s and about the same time they became hard to start and then eventually not starting at all. At that time we noticed alot of fuel coming out from behind the flywheel. In his we replaced the bearings with bearibngs out of an old engine at first...ran great but within a week that bearing was leaking, figured served us right should of gotten a new one. Ordered an off brand set of bearings and installed and had fuel pouring out from behind the flywheel right away. Once again lesson learned go name brand so he ordered some traxxas brand bearings and along with a new crankshaft and installed and he still cant get it to run, he says it seems like its not getting fuel but isnt leaking behind the flywheel anymore. Now on to mine...around the same time my did the same, first got hard to start then wouldnt at all and had alot of fuel leaking out behind flywheel (and when i say leaking i mean puddeling up as it runs and dripping off chassie, same for buddies too). I ordered new traxxas bearings and installed and wow, she ran like new again, smooth, idled good, easy to tune and stayed that way for about 10 tanks of fuel. All at once while running sunday it started getting hard to start...2 runs later it wont start at all and fuel is pouring ouf from behind the flywheel again. Whats the deal...i dont understand what we are doing wrong. HAve read all the info and watched videos on utube of how to change them, heat and cold and all and im 99.9% sure we have done everything correctly. I just dont understand why these bearings can be kicking our can like it is, is starting to take the fun out of it if all im gonna do is work on it. Any help on the subject would be great, thanks fellas

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