Well i was sound asleep at 3am till the wind outside picked up and starting whistling through the front door and woke me up so i was laying there and then all of a sudden i heard the door bell ring at 3AM yes 3AM this morning i was like what that cant be and my wife got up and said "what was that" said it was the door bell its 3am so we got up and waked over to the door looked out the pep hole and there was a guy standing there in a black hood waiting he rang the door bell 2 times before we got to the door.
Heck no we didnt open the door either he left to the back of the apartments. There has been some car break ins before here so we called the police and can you believe it they didnt even patrol here the cop passed by just on the outer parking lot and left didnt even come in to check around at all. No body is to be out after 10pm even adults hanging out here against housing rules and smoking now as of monday .

Has anybody have this happen to them? total stranger ok didnt know who it was.

I think i am going to set up a camera in my car dash and rear window at night and in my front window in my apartment i dont have my screen door anymore (wont let me install yet) so i cant put one there but i would. maybe out the bathroom window haha to point down at the door. i'll catch who is breaking in the cars and came to my door if they come again.