ok, so i got a new 150a 2000kv combo in the mail the other day, put it in my emaxx plugged in two 4000 mah 2s lipo's and ran it. the truck worked fine. i didn't do a full run just messing with it for a few minutes. i was way easy on the thing. stock pinion and 17t spur. today i completed the install and was going to run it and, go figure, no power. like i said the steering works. but that's it. i tried a different motor, same thing. tried a different rx/tx, same thing, tried re-binding the rx/tx, tried different matching batteries. all fully charged by the way. i lowered the punch control, lowered the lvc, all still to no avail. has anybody had the same problem? is there something i haven't though of? i'm trying to rule out everything before i send this thing back for warranty. i hear it takes MONTHS to get back. oh yeah. i also disconnected the servo's and inspected the wires. everything checked out.