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    Charging battery

    How long does it take too charge the battery that come with my erevo. i am using the charger that came with the car . i know the first charge is 6 hour is that want it takes for all the charges? Battery is a 7.2v 1200mah series 1 charger is the one that comes with the car output 9v dc 200ma model JD-3509002u

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    Divide the capacity by the charge rate. That should give you a rough estimate on the time it will take from a deep discharge.

    1200/200 should be roughly 6 hours.

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    remeber though it wont actually take 1200 in because your not suppose to run the pack all the way down stop when it begins to slow down. it will usually take about 1000mah in so 5hrs.

    by the way this is the 1/10 section you need the 1/16 section farther down.
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