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    How to you like your spartan

    Thinking of a spartan but i would only be able to use it once a month at bu lake house. Do you think its worth it or should my $ go towards and erevo brushless
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    i just recently sold my snap-on limited edition here.....i keep it for as long as i can but its just not for me, i've only run it 4 times on 4s and i have to say its a fun boat and like i said its not for me. i'm not saying that you should'nt buy it though.

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    If you can run your spartan only once a month , But the E Revo would be better choice if you can run it more often!! I got the 2 and my spartan go out more often on summer than my E Revo because it s so much fun to be on the shore when the temp is very hot , but when the temp goes down , the E Revo take the place !!
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    I really like this boat!!! Top speed on stock setup?

    I ran the Spartan a couple times the First week and it runs really nice!!! Binding the transmitter to receiver was easy to do. The steering was reversed not a big deal. Fast and easy fix with the menu setting on the transmitter! I really like this boat!!!
    That week was feeling some of the effects from the hurricane pasting by. NO RAIN BUT IT WAS VERY WINDING AND THE WATER WAS VERY CHOPPY. When I ran the Spartan in the wind and rough water it had no problems. It handle great I top out at 26mph today in the choppy water. My other little boat could not handle and it completely flip over on me!
    Great looking boat! It attracts a lot of attention, especially with the huge rooster tail it has!

    Update on my top speed on my spartan. So far I hit 26.3 mph running on stock nimh battery packs. It is carrying a gps which weighs 7ozs and is located in front of the motor. Maybe the weigh of the gps is keeping the nose down and slowing the boat down. Only thing I modify is the water cooling system. Bored out the water pick up in the rudder and put in a "y" splitter for the esc and motor with 2 independent water port exits. I just brought a rudder with dual water pickups.
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    7oz. is not that heavy, if you want to hit 30s try on a calmer weather without wind & waves that time (cross fingers) you will hit that speed, mainly put the battery on the middle tray don't put it on the rear. NIMH is heavy so it will affect the float of the boat when it's on plane. Good luck!
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    When I purchased my first Spartan (Version 1) June 2011, it took me 4 sets of NIMH batteries of tuning, trimming and adjusting to reach 30.1 mph. The salt water rc boat pond was as smooth as glass with no wind.

    The batteries as I remember were extremely hot and split the plastic wrap around the batteries. All this was done before any mods to my Spartan...

    Had to remove water from the boat after each run, didn't know at the time that the stock water cooling jacket was the source of the water....

    After that I went to 4s, and then the real fun began.... Went to 6s the next weekend with a metal cooling jacket, a borrowed metal prop from a friend (Octura M445) and then the troubles began, motor and ESC issues.
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