Since the moment i purchased the Funny Car, which was only a couple days after it was released, i had questions regarding The et-3s/et-2400 brushless system. Questions that had no answers printed in the owners manual, nor posted anywhere on the Traxxas site. Then I became one of the first few members here to run this Funny Car brushless system in another Traxxas platform when i installed the system into my HR P2DE XL. Because i have been running the system a little while, i tend to get a lot of questions regarding the ET-3s esc, questions that i could not answer due to the lack of specs posted about this esc.

I decided to send an email over to Castle Creations to see if i could get the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the et-3s, that i (and many others) have been seeking... And Castle came through and answered all of em to the best of their knowledge.

Here ya go:

On 11/30/2012 12:36 AM, Dan wrote:

Hey guys,

Now i realize that the et-3s is a MMP based esc because the Castle Link Program states that it is, but i cant find any specs for the et-3s at all, anywhere.

I (as well as many other Traxxas forum members) would really like to know some more information about the et-3s such as;

- Is the et-3s capable of the same max input voltage (6s) as the MMP? (it can be programmed for 6s lipo cut-off in castle link)

-Is the sensor port on the et-3s functional/operational? (options for the sensor port can also be changed in the castle link program)

- What is the function of the capacitor on the battery leads? Glitch buster?

- When trying to run a crawler motor (novak 18.5 sensored) with the et-3s, the lvc activates at anything over half throttle. I read about this happening with MMP controllers with firmware 1.38 paired with novak crawler motors, and the issue was remedied by simply reverting to a previous firmware version (1.32) How can I remedy this for the et-3s since there is no option to install previous firmware versions in the Castle link program?

- We would like to know the detailed specs of the ET-3s such as max voltage, motor limits, motor types it can run, etc. All the good stuff!

- Also, is the et-2400 (blue can) the exact same motor as your 2400? Does it have the same specs as your 2400?

- Do you have any plans to upgrade the internal bec of your land controllers? We have been having glitching, range and brown out issues running Savox high torque servos and a few others and needed to install your external bec. Some of us have all Traxxas tqi telemetry sensors installed as well as led lights, castle quick connect adapters etc and it makes for a LOT of extra wiring which could be lessened by not having to run an external bec.


Re: Speed Controller, 12/3/2012 3:35 PM


Yes, it has the same ratings as the regular Mamba Max Pro. As for the sensor port, we don't really know if it is functional or not. It most likely is but we are not sure. The capacitor is on the ESC to help with the Amp spikes during the run time of the vehicle. As for the LVC with a crawler motor, there isn't any way to revert back to an older version, however; you can flash the existing firmware and see if that helps. There isn't a motor limit on that ESC per say, It all depends on what vehicle your running, what voltage you are running and what gearing you are running. I am really not sure if the Traxxas 2400 and our 2400 are the exact same, I do know that the Traxxas 2400 is based off of our 2400. They haven't let us know of any plans on upgrading the on board BEC on our car and truck ESC's.

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So there you have it! Funny Car 4-5-6s lipo speed runs anyone? Should be interesting....

Sure am glad i scooped up 4 more of the et-3s esc's off ebay chop shops when they were selling for 65-70 bucks shipped, cuz now i have a total of 5 MMP's! Total bonus.

Have fun with the new Funny Missile! Lol