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    need ideas how to create custom rc body

    my goal: to create a 3rd generation firebird rc body. 3rd generation is the 82-92 firebird/transam's if your still clueless on the body, the car from knight rider. ive watched some videos on vacuum forming lexan to the mold, that looks the easy part. my problem is coming up with a mold. any ideas? i really want to do this, i love that particular body style. plus i own an 88 firebird that ive had since my junior year of high school. 12 years now. i have the 1/18 scale diecast firebird, and the matchbox firebird, and 1/25 plastic model.

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    Vacuum forming has a few tricks to it. The youtube versions often overlook the 'fine tuning' required...heating time is very important - there's a tip!

    I'd take the 1/18 to the nearest professional vacuum former & they should be able to make the plug you need & do the rest

    If you want to make the plug yourself, I'd use 2-3mm MDF sheets or foam & shape it. When it looks right, then fiberglass it

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