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    Need replacement screws & bolts for rustler

    The screw for my shock popped out today. So I was wondering where I could order a bunch of rustler replacement screws & bolts. Some kind of a bolt kit.

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    I heard that some people use rc tire glue to hold them they are not cheep in , I know the make s set for the arms but can't remember who makes them they are not cheep . hear they are for the hinge pins .
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    Very good hardware. You can always order up some stock TRX hardware or go to ebay and get the full stock hardware pulled from what ever model you want from a chop shop.

    Something like this for example.
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    Which screw did you lose? Tonys has a nice screw kit for the Rustler. And RC Screwz has a stainless set if you like to get wet. But neither of these kits include the 3x12mm screws for the top of the shock part #3642x. That you will have to buy separate. Could also check eBay for screws from the chop shops.
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