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    Some much needed support

    Had to beef up the front of the Hawk. Got it back on its feet so I wanted to make sure it would stay there with this new found power. Front bulkhead support on the chassis had seen better days with some mangled screw inserts and a crack in the front section of the bulkhead. I've used some rustler parts to upgrade but this had to remain original as the new bulkheads don't have quite the same screw layout and I want the framework of this rig to stay as original as possible. I can only control a broken a arm so much. So here's what I did. Just a simple piece of metal and some careful measurements. I went from 4 attachment points to 8. 6 on the bottom and 2 at the a arm pins. I noticed there was a cross brace on the rustler now so I thought it made sense too. Drill press for holes and heavy gauge break for bends. All in less than an hour, definitely worth the time. Bring on 6S.

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    Nice, will probably even protect the chassis a little bit wallet hates it...but my brain loves it

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    Love seeing vintage Traxxas machines still being used!

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    Looks good. If you want a little advice(ok even if you don't want a little advice) you could turn your suspension screws around and drill a hole thru the front of the skidplate so you could run your arm mount screws thru the front of the plate into your arms makin your skidplate double as a tie bar. Will help save your front bulkhead and help on the arms in the future. If the screws weren't long enuf to get the arms fully pinned you could swap out for actual suspension pins also. That would be the only drawback I could see with switching around the direction of the arm mount screws.

    Is that a crack on the side of your tub back by where the skidplate ends?

    What shocks you runnin on your truck? they look like duratrax golds anyway but don't have a good frontal picture of them. Does the skidplate keep the full droop from happening on your arms? Seems like it would but might just be the way I'm lookin at the picture...

    Great mod though for these ole fragile tubs

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    Cool idea! I did more or less the same thing to the rear end of my Hawk2,plus I attached a set of wheels to it so its a combination skid plate/wheelie bar/rear bumper.

    Yes those first generation Hawk2s are pretty brittle and the parts are getting harder to find everyday.

    But if you need them, I do have some left over used parts from my wife's old Hawk2. I kinda stole some of the other parts[trans,shock towers,shocks] for my Bullet to Bullet2 conversion project, so the left over parts from her old Hawk2 are just chillin' in the spare parts box now.

    I'm also wondering about your front shocks,but not for the same reason as klavy69. It looks to me like they are a bit too short for the Hawk2. Which will limit the front suspension travel.

    I installed stock Rustler front shocks on both of our Hawk2s and they fit great and allow full front end travel. I'm running Stampede rear shocks with Maxx springs on the back of my Hawk2 and it handles very well with the Rustler front/ Stampede rear combo.

    klavy69 is on the right track on your front control arm hinge pins too. They are supposed to be installed from the front of the arms,not from the rear. Its much easier to remove and install them that way too.
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