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Thread: Steering servo.

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    Steering servo.

    I tried searching and found nothing.

    I bought a hitech 85mg. It was the only metal gear servo they had. Is this a good servo? Would evenetualy getting second one be absolute over kill? I don't seem to see many guys with two servos regardless of type. Is this just because I am not looking.

    I have always heard good about hitech but was curious what you guys thought.

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    It is a great servo and one will be enough.

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    Two servos are too hard to calibrate and need adjustable links to tune them in
    You will.hear plenty about hitec's one plastic gear but I have had 50+ mph crashes into the curb and the hitec survived .some have problems running analog servos others don't. The 85 is and the 5085 is digital and stronger and faster but the 85 will be fine

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    I use the 85MG as well. Been nothing but an excellent servo replacement. Had no trouble for the two or so years I've owned it.

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