Hey guys,

I'm looking for a Fiero GTP to pick up.

Way, long before I came back into the hobby this past week with my son (we have a pair of Bandits, and are enjoying ourselves a good deal), my brother had a GTP and it was a blast (I was a Tamiya guy back then).

I have a lot of his stuff after he died, but the car wasn't anywhere to be found. (I found a couple radios, but no car). I remember spending hundreds of summer nights with him when we were kids running our cars up and down the streets until crazy morning hours.

My Tamiya buggies would never come close to that chassis, and I'd like to have one to set on shelf in my and my son's 'rc room' and to run on occasion (if I could find tires, HA!)

if anyone has one for sale, let me know. Body is secondary, as he ran a Monte Carlo (of all things) on it most of the time, once I find a chassis, I'll be on the search for a 1/12 Monte Carlo body.......

Thanks everyone,

- B