Hello happy fellas!

Just thought I should post my fifth build here at the forum .

I have had alot of trucks, most recently a totally hopped up Erbe: http://traxxas.com/forums/showthread...project./page5

A toomuchwrenched Merv:http://traxxas.com/forums/showthread...project./page3

And The flux ( wich Iīm currently using most of the five vehicles I have left: https://www.rc-monster.com/forum/sho...t=29831&page=4

The short story is, I have always loved the revo, from the first time I saw Airmaxx23īs movies from back in the begining, and I have had one of my own since the first 2.5 model came out.

The overmodified revo didnīt get much runtime after I got the flux since the revo just couldnīt take what the flux could, but I felt so sad just having it standing there on the bench, so after almost a year of "resting on the bench" I started to convert it into a summit, said and done, ran it for about 10hours total trough mud and rocky sektions, and then I got tired of driving slow...Looked at Nitrocircus live show when they were here in Sweden and saw a trophytruck, and then the idea had come to life.

Itīs nothing too special, the build contains:

Spine is a Summit chassis,
Greg adler body,
some alu skids,
alu servosaver,
pushrod mod for the rear bulks and bodymount,
Lst front and rear 1/8 diffs,
shortned and welded front centershaft from a flux,
summit axel for the rear center,
Maxx axels all around ( will swapp them out for some summitshafts if they arenīt up to it),
MMM 2200kv powerplant.

I have ordered some trencher xīs to fit on some black split spokes, will order slingshots for the winter later on. I may also order the Erbeīs steel centershafts to clean things up.

I never made a thread about the summit build, it was just a stock summit but with the alu stuff named above, and some locked Lst diffs.

Here is the the build:

Revo spec axels, shortned them a bit:

And then mounted the rest of the stuff:

Did some decal changes to the Greg Adler edition, I really donīt like yellow, so I removed the 4wheel stickers and added some other, also covered up some of the "nitro holes":

I think it turned out kinda nice.

Here is a comparision between the trencher x 2.2/3.0 tires and some 2.2 sandpaws:

Next step is to mount the sandpaws on the 2.2/3.0 if they show up before the weekend

Here is my other builds:


Keep on bashing everyone!