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    steering stability under throttle

    hey guys,

    I just kinda need some advice if there is any that can be given to me. I know this is a problem because the motor has alot of power but im hoping there is a way to lessen the problem. When ever i am going hard on the gas my truck always wants to pull to the right. Its not a steering problem because the truck is lined up perfect but it just pulls like crazy to the right under throttle. Is there something i can do with the diff or anything to try and lessen this problem because the tracks I race on are pretty fast and its almost next to impossible to keep my truck going the way i need it to without fighting it like crazy and not spinning out. Thanks guys let me know what you think

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    It's not a power problem, although power makes it more obvious.
    Check your alignment. Are the setting the same left to right? Check the slayer pit pass tuning guide for specifics on about where it should if your lost. Camber and toe are the things being scrutinized here.

    Do you have some binding or a spun bearing in a hub or in the diff? If there is, it's likely on the side the truck pulls towards.

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    5,624 Try messing with the suspension settings, they can help alot. Good luck!
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