Not too long ago on another thread, i had joked around about doing this to my Funny Car because of all the snow fall we've had here. After making the comment i began thinking "why not?". Then i starting thinking that it might even work, then i was convinced that i had to at least see how it would look. I have to say, the paddles and skis were a perfect fit and imo the Funny Car pulls off the look pretty good. Check it out:

Now that i have the Funny Car set up for some sleet-racing, there is no way i can resist running the car like this! Since the ET-3s isnt waterproof i'll be tossing in the Vxl-3s, and since the Vxl-3s wont run the 4 pole motor i guess the vxl 3500 will have to do. Powered by 3s lipo of course. Now this is where i may need some help. I know the vxl motor will haul this car around, but not with the stock gearing. I just dont know where to start with the gearing. Considering that im gonna have to buy the gearing it will require, any ideas of where to start with the gearing so i dont have to buy them all? Lol. Either that or a link to somewhere that sells the 32p gears for cheap so it wont cost a fortune if I have to buy them all. I'm not real fluent in 32p gearing, so any help would be appreciated. I do know that it will need to be geared a bit high, as running through snow relies a great deal on massive amounts of wheelspin until the vehicle gets up to speed.

Having a place to run this setup is not too much of an issue for me, all i have to do is go to the edge of town and it looks like this:

You know, the more i look at the car this way, the more i think that it might actually do pretty well. Only one way to find out!
You guys are probably laughing ur butt off right now at this car. Lol. I know I am But here in Saskatchewan, Canada, we can make anything run on snow....cuz we dont have a choice!


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