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    Most outrageous sports feud

    What, in your opinion, is the most ridiculous, exciting, and insane sports feud you've ever seen? And when you can think of one, don't mention which side you support to avoid problems. I don't want an argument, just wondering what the best is you can think of. For me, it was the Jeff Gordon vs Clint Bowyer fight at Homestead this year. I won't say which I'm a fan of, but I was mad and disappointed with that display. If that ever happens again I'm going to lock myself in a closet with happy music playing to keep myself from literally exploding.
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    July 24, 1983; Pine Tar Game. KC Royals vs NY Yankees

    The look on George Brett's face when he came charging out of the dugout after he was called out by umpire Tim McClelland; even Brett has said if he hadn't been restrained by (at that time team manager) Dick Howser, he probably would have killed McClelland.

    The game took 25 days to complete, included protests, injuctions and ultimately ended with the bat, ball, and other memorabilia in the Hall of Fame.

    It has been said that NYY Manager Billy Martin never got over the incident and sought revenge any way he could whenever the KC Royals came to town while Dick Howser was at the helm.
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    my closet full of hockey jerseys wants to say it is the current labor dispute between the NHL and the NHLPA.

    But if we are talking individual feuds, easy. Battle of Alberta, Edmonton Oilers vs the Calgary Flames
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    The US trying to reclaim the Americas Cup after to losing to Australia in '83

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    University of North Dakota vs University of Minnesota-Mannkato. bout 5 years ago. Absolutely ridiculous fight broke out between all players except the goalies. Do not remember what started the fight but a total of 6 players or so were ejected from the game. What made it ridiculous though was that it did not affect the outcome of the game at all, and Im sure had little affect for the next night in that it was very strict by on the ref side.
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