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Thread: xo-1 pricing

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    xo-1 pricing

    i have a brand new in a box still sealed xo-1. what do you guys think i could get for it? thinking about selling it. thanks

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    cheapest new sealed xo-1 ive seen is 929 bucks. most expensive i seen for 1700 bucks, but that guy is crazy. advertise it somewhere for 1000 bucks, or maybe trade for equal value.
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    craiglist $800, ebay $820. but its really up to you though.

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    Depending on where you live, if you dont have a local hobby shop that carries them you could get close to a grand because of the lithium battery shipping ban. I sold mine for nearly a grand because it was still cheaper than the person buying one online and then having to pay for ups to ship one from the states. if its still sealed in the box, why not return it?


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    Discussion of how much to sell it for is allowed. When you are looking to sell it, the XO-1 must be placed in the MP and abide by the rules.
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