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    17mm hubs for all!!!

    Not sure where to post this, I suppose this is as good a place as any..

    I was messin' around and found some 17mm hubs from TRAXXAS for other than emaxx/summit/revo set-ups.

    here is what I found (taken from another site post)

    "Whether you’re mounting 1/8-scale buggy wheels on your Slash 4X4 or adding super-sized tires to your Stampede, Traxxas’ new 17mm Hex Adapters make it easy to install a wide range of wheel and tire combinations on your Traxxas vehicle. Installation is simple and can be done in less than 15 minutes using the included 5mm hex wrench. The adapters’ unique splined design offers maximum strength when used with Traxxas wheels, and also fits any standard 17mm hex wheel. Rugged machined-aluminum construction and vivid blue anodizing combine custom looks with maximum performance.

    The adapters are offered in complete sets to fully outfit one vehicle. Part number 5853X fits all 2WD Slash models, Stampede, and Rustler; 6856X fits Slash 4X4 and Stampede 4X4.

    17mm Hex Adapter Features:

    Complete installation kit for one vehicle
    Heavy-duty machined aluminum construction
    Unique splined design offers increased strength when used with Traxxas wheels
    Vivid blue-anodized finish
    Easy installation
    Includes 5mm hex wrench
    Hub retainers and axle nuts also available separately

    5853X: Fits all Slash, Stampede, and Rustler models
    6856X: Fits Slash 4X4 and Stampede 4X4

    5853X - Wheel hubs, splined, 17mm, short (2), long (2) (blue-anodized)/wheel nuts, splined, 17mm (4) (blue-anodized) / hub retainer M4 X 0.7 (4) / axle pin (4) / wrench, 5mm (Slash 2WD) - $40.00
    6856X Wheel hubs, splined, 17mm, short (4) (blue-anodized) / wheel nuts, splined, 17mm (4) (blue-anodized) / hub retainer M4 X 0.7 (4) / axle pin (4) / wrench, 5mm (Slash 4WD) $40.00
    5480 Wheel wrench, splined, 17mm $3.00
    5353 Wheel nuts, splined, 17mm (blue anodized) (4) $10.00
    5854 Hub retainer, 17mm hubs, M4 X 0.7 (4) (use with #5853X, #6856X, fits Slash 2WD/4WD) $8.00"

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    You can put buggy wheels on your revo, looks funny though,

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