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    Lipo bag????????

    What the point of the lipo bag do i need thanks

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    Yes you need 1, or something to contain a possible lipo flare up. It is essential in protecting your family, house, and possessions in case of a melt down. 99% will never need this protection, but without it, you are at risk for a catastrophe. It is a safety precaution, thats all.
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    ok what should i know bout lipos

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    Quote Originally Posted by slayer3.3 View Post
    ok what should i know bout lipos
    They are usually just as safe as nimhs but are sometimes more volatile.
    You should always store them in the lipo bag (Only one per bag so they don't all go up if one does)
    They should also always be charged in a lipo bag. basically, just don't abuse them and they'll be good to you.
    If you see any significant dents dings or puffing then stop using it and get rid of it.
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    lipo's can still be seen as new technology and when they first came out there was lots of problems with how they were charged and cared for, Old youtube videos are a prime example. There is still new information coming out now on how to prolong the life of the lipo battery.
    modern chargers are more smarter and most if not all have built in balancers, some you might need a separate balance board, some you don't.
    You need to use math to work out what you need, Too small a capacity in a power hungry system will see dangerous problems.
    Lipo's must be stored at a storage state, most but not all chargers have a storage setting on the charger which helps.
    Damage occurs when lipos are over charged or over discharged, or if the pack is bashed about a bit.
    If your new to lipo's a lipo bag is a must, But with a good charger and some tweaks on the settings and experience on knowing what to look for a lipo bag can be used or maybe not if you feel confident, But don't leave it charging in the house while your outside.
    I only use my bag for storage now. When I charge now I'm able to set my charge cut off at 4.19V instead of the fully charged 4.2V. But I always use the storage setting function even if it's just for over night.
    A bad cheap charger can make a good lipo bad.
    But remember.
    1) correct power lipo for your set up. capacity mah divided by 1000 multiplied by constant C rating= 5000mah/1000=5A*30C=150A this has to be larger than the ESC's amp rating for safety. A lower amp rating on the lipo and it will swell/puff up.
    2) always examine the lipo before and after use, Checking temps on the lipo and other electrical equipment helps to see if the gearing needs changing.
    3) always use a lipo bag if your new or not confident enough to trust the charger But never leave the place where your charging, the flames could travel quite some distance.
    4) Always store in a lipo bag
    5) Buy an reliable inexpensive charger at first to get used to how things work, Then when confident buy a decent charger. This is just my opinion, others might say buy the inexpensive and that will do, others who have a decent charger will say buy the decent charger and be done with it.
    6) Always examine the packs for any physical damage.
    7) always use some sort of Low Voltage Device like an lva (low voltage alarm) or a lvc either built into the ESC or a separate one.
    8)If lipos come with different connectors and need changing, Cut one wire then solder that in the new connector then work on the other, Wires must never make contact.
    9) Again always check the packs for any damage.This should be done before charging, after charging, before run time, during run time and after run time. Some low voltage alarms have a cell voltage meter so you can check cell voltages while examining.

    There's a few steps here and maybe more is needed. But after a few weeks the only one you'll need is, storage charge, store in safe place in sack and examine of pack.
    I left one out so you could read this one and not forget.
    10) Always charge at 1C which is pack capacity dived by 1000= 5000mah/1000=5A, 2500mah/1000=2.5A.
    If the pack says it can charge at 2C,5C,8C or even 12C forget that, charge at 1C,
    If your in a hurry and want a quick charge once in a while you can charge at them rates or whatever is closest to it. 2C=5000mah/1000x2=10A, 2500mah/1000x5C=12.5A

    To get back on your question is a lipo bag needed ?. Yes, Whether it is for using for charging, or just for storing the lipo's. It could mean the difference of spending the christmas in a burnt out shack, with the possibility of losing the loved ones.
    Or spending christmas at the family table eating turkey with the loved ones around you.

    The one thing about lipo bags is stay with a brand name who has money for design and develop and manufacture them without cheaping out on some costs.
    I don't think there is a standard fire rating testing done.
    the making of the bags could be kevlar in the some countries and white asbestos in money saving countries. But i couldn't say for sure.
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