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Yeah everyone is telling me the Mod 1 can run open. On Road I can see, off road, there are so many variables. I still think stuff will get caught. Then they say steel gears all around. I think then a person is breaking something more expensive than plastic gears..., like motor shafts...?

Ah well it's academic anyways as The TRCE are not in stock, so I may never get one. Just dreaming out loud
Keep your eyes on eBay and RCTech for TRCE rollers. I just picked up another one two weeks ago, this time a new, unbuilt and ply bagged chassis kit for my GT8 project. I also ordered two sets of stock length RCE A-Arms for the project from the TRCE website. The site lists all the parts needed to complete a kit separately and they look to be in stock. As a kit, no, but as parts, it seemso. Towers and extended arms are out of stock.