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    Anyone have Dynamite Passport Ultra Duo? Reviews?

    I'll be honest. Getting back into RC from years ago. Funny story. I owned a Losi back in the day (I was anti Team Associated RC-10) which I still own.

    Then I went to T-MAXX nitro (Original one) whereas everyone was RAVING about nitro, being the best etc..

    I had two daughters and years later (now) I stroll into the local hobby shop and see all these batteries and electic motors etc..

    I was FLOORED. I recall these hobby shops years ago stating nitro will be around and the fastest forever.... etc.
    Now, its back to electric.. Amazing. Anyway

    I'm shooting to get a REVO Brushless and have been doing my homework. In the end I will purchase the charger from a brick and mortar location just to keep local business alive. SO, here I stand.

    What I am looking to accomplish is have the best setup for chargers/batteries (surely I need to read up on the whole new 'battery' technology) without power supplies etc. A nice all in one solution. I don't want to lug around a battery box and I will be using in my family RV as well as home/road (12v battery as well)

    I have since spoken to HiTEch (Steve) regarding the new H4 that is due out mid next month (that unit doesn't have a power supply) and posed the question regarding will there be units as powerful as the H4 with a power supply. He told me no, only the X4 HRC44167. I did my homework on that unit and its a 4 output 50 watt per channel charger.

    So, I kept looking and found this one, the Ultra Duo. However my internet search has come up dry with reviews etc, so I come here for all your input.

    BTW: How long does these batts charge on 50 w (4/5/6's LiPOs)?? vs a 200 w as below. Does this unit have all the bells and whistles I need? Is this the future charger everyone's drooling over???

    Happy Holiday's and Merry Christmas.

    WIth all that said, anyone have and feedback on this charger?

    Dynamite Passport Ultra Duo
    Part # DYN4300

    Passport Duo 400W Dual AC/DC Charger
    Internal AC power supply saves on space and doesn't require a separate external power supply
    100240V AC (50/60Hz) or 1118V DC input voltage
    Detachable AC power cord
    200W charge power per output
    25W discharge power per output
    Short-circuit, over-current, and reverse-polarity protection
    Low-input voltage protection
    Over-temperature protection
    Battery storage mode
    IP33CW, IK07 environmental rating
    Includes (2) insulated banana-to-EC3 battery adapter cables
    Includes (2) JST-XH balance adapter boards
    Optional high-current DC power cord available (DYN4012)
    Charges Li-Po/Li-Fe/Li-Ion (16 cell), Ni-MH/Ni-Cd (115 cell) and Pb battery types
    500W internal power supply ensures that full power output is available even while utilizing both charge outputs and all USB power options
    0.110.0A adjustable charge current per output

    I also included the ENGLISH manual if and when people use a search engine and happen to come here.

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    When buying a charger you have to consider watts as every bit as important as amps. Most batteries can be charged at 1c or one amp per 1000mah of capacity. So a 5000mah pack, regardless of voltage, will typically be charged at 5amps.
    Most chargers have at least a 5 amp charge rating. Some are 6, maybe 10 for an AC/DC but generally speaking, above that you need a separate power supply.

    Now, what many people don't understand is that to charge at a specific amperage you need a power supply with adequate wattage. So, to find out how many watts you'll need use this formula: volts x amps= required watts. So to charge your 2s 5000mah pack you will need 8.4 (voltage of the pack when fully charged) X 5 (amp you wish to charge at) = 42 watts. So, you can charge this pack with pretty much any 50 watt charger. But, if your pack is larger in either voltage or capacity you'll need more watts and those 50 watt chargers begin to show their limitations. If you know what packs you intend to run you can do the math to to d out how many watts your chargers power supply will need to output.

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    Good read thank you

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    Too late for the OP, but in case someone else lands here via Google search (like I did), here's a quick review video:

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