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Thread: 1.5 to 3.3?

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    1.5 to 3.3?

    A buddy just picked up a clean,early 1.5 T Maxx.Can a 3.3 be dropped in?

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    Going from the .15 to the 3.3 is a pretty easy swap but you will need the 2.5/3.3 throttle linkage post kit.(The Trx .15 has rotary carb, and the 2.5/3.3 have slide carb.) You still use the same engine mount.

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    If it was me, I'd upgrade the diffs to 3.3 diffs, or E Maxx diffs. I'd also upgrade all the driveshafts, to 3.3's
    convert to the wide maxx suspension, and lose the reverse function in favor of a forward only conversion.
    You could simply drop in a 3.3 and go, but with the short chassis length and narrow suspension,
    your odds of controlling this thing would be better spent walking a caffeinated squirrel on a long leash.
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    Along with the throttle setup you would also need a new header for the rear exhaust port on the 3.3 engine.
    The difference in power from the .15 to the 3.3 is substancial and the stock drive shafts (center and wheel) will start to twist like a twizzler and most often fail in short time.
    No slipper/tall gearing/power = broken parts.

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