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    TQi Iphone 5

    Hi, will the tqi work with the iphone 5 if i get the iphone adapter? Also how fast is the summit with the lipos

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    Might get a better response on the iPhone 5 in the radios portion of the forum.

    On flat concrete, in high, stock motor and gearing with nimh mine tops out at 20 mph with freshly charged packs.

    Lipo might be a mph or 2 less? (top speed) since their voltage is slightly less but will seem faster since they have more punch. (They'll get to speed faster)

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    If your asking about top speeds for a summit... you might want to consider something other than the summit. It is NOT fast... but it IS capable. And thats what its all about.

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    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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