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    E Revo Battery Overheating!!

    I purchased a 1/16 brushed e revo yesterday and ive noticed the battery that came in the box (1200mA) was really hot after i had finished my run. Is this normal? and would a better battery help? im not ready to invest in a lipo yet, just the nimh ones for now. If there is another way to fix it, it would be great to know

    And also is there a place to buy pre painted bodies? or you have to paint em all yourself?
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    Yes its normal. If you bash around real hard the battery will work hard so its normal if its hot. But lett it cool down before you recharge it again

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    A lipo won't get hot under normal usage, so its a worthy upgrade. Also I'm not sure of any pre-painted ones, but Traxxas sells "Prographix" bodies that come with printed designs, and only requires the base color.
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