Hey all,

So since I posted my thread a while back about a motor for my e-Maxx, a few things have changed. I got my hands on some 2 Cell 35C 5000MAH LiPOs from a banned company. They were $50 for 2. So, I have been using my Mamba Max Pro in the e-Maxx on 4s and its been doing perfectly fine, hits a little over 40mph on 68-20 gearing. I would like to change the ESC out to a better one, so I picked the WP SC8. Has anyone ever ran this with a Tacon 4074 motor? Mine is the 2150kv version. I would like to know what settings other people are using, or if the ESC is even up to the task of this. Thanks guys,


You don't have enough POWA if you can't control it!