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    2nd languages, and foreign studies.

    So I am studying culinary arts, and want to travel to different countries to study the local cuisines. I studied a bit of German at a university but had some trouble picking up on it. I know its commonly understood that immersion techniques are commonly the best way to learn, however I would like to get a grasp on either or both German and Italian, if the chance should arise that I could further my studies in either of those countries. What are some foreign language experiences some mite have...prefer options I can use as an adult, neither languages are offered at my school.
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    The best way I found was to find someone who knows the language like it is their first or just go there and learn on the go, lol.
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    Your local library probably has many resources for learning languages available for free. I learned a very little bit of Italian and took German in high school.

    I can remember some things but really you don't remember what you don't use, so you will need to practice often enough to make it a permanent part of your vocab. My sister lived in Germany for her Senior year of HS and learned the language very well, she went on to take it in college and now teaches it at the High School level. That is the kind of immersion that will make it stick, also you could use the internet to pick up some German or Italian shows to listen to it and get used to hearing the words.

    IMO German is a hard language to learn, the words really kind of mush together when spoken and it is hard if you aren't used to hearing it to figure out the words and translate them. If you put the time in though it will come to you.
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    you can also try to learn it from some software program that teaches different languages. i could never learn chinese or japanese its difficult to say hahahaha.

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