this will be my first nitro truck/car. but i had some fast electric and i learn very quickly. for my first into vehicle, i was wondering what truck would be the best/fastest. i dont want it to be borring eighter. i am going to ride it on the streets and on dirt (going to make my own track in a local unused dirt parking lot and free riding too of course), and on snow. i know the fastest one is the jato but it isnt 4x4 so it isnt good in snow or not as good for dirt as well. i know that the slayer is very good on dirt but flips easily on tarmac and the rustler is as fast as the slayer but isnt 4x4 and wont tip as easily and i read that it can get boring too.

so people, can you help me deside which one would be best for what i want to do and tell me if im wrong?

thx a lot!