Well here it goes. The latest build to come out of the HPRC shop. It started out as a Ken Block Gymkahna Fiesta... then it got broken in two (pics to come). Here's what I just ordered from RCPlanet.com:

Code Name Price Qty Total
TRA3061 Traxxas Adapter Connector Male to Molex Female (1) TRA3061 $4.19 1 $4.19
TRA7022 Traxxas Chassis 1/16 E-Revo/Slash 4WD TRA7022 $12.49 1 $12.49
TRA7311 Traxxas Body/Grill & Lights Decal Sheet Rally TRA7311 $16.99 1 $16.99
TRA7317G Traxxas Exo-Carbon Wing 1/16 Ford Fiesta & Ken Block TRA7317G $8.95 1 $8.95
TRA7029X Traxxas Rear Bulkhead (Left & Right Halves) 3x10mm BCS (4) TRA7029X $4.99 1 $4.99
RPM80602 RPM Rear Upper/Lower A-Arms Black E-Revo RPM80602 $12.95 1 $12.95
RPM80692 RPM Front Upper/Lower A-Arms Black Mini Revo RPM80692 $12.50 1 $12.50
TRA7372 Traxxas Tires/Wheels Assembled/Glued Rally (2) TRA7372 $14.99 2 $29.98

I'm going to need a second order because I forgot a few things... Like paint. The car is currently completely disassembled so its a complete build... Not just a tire change.