How's it going everyone? I recently ran into another issue with my ride. I last ran the car thanksgiving week for about 10 minutes and put it until yesterday morning. As I got ready to fire it up, I realized the batteries were completely DEAD. Never had this happen before. Anyhow attempted to charge them and got a "low voltage" reading from the charger. I did a little searching on this matter, found and attempted a recovery texhnique from YouTube. Attempted to charge in nimh mode to an achieved 6v and switch over to lipo mode and proceed accordingly. No luck as I couldn't get the batteries above 2.5v.

Anyhow, I've come to accept the fact that these batteries are no good and a now in the market for some replacements. I've looked at the Max amps and to be honest, I just can't afford them. What do y'all suggest as a good replacement which will give me the same performance as the stock packs? Or should I just go back with what I had?

I'm still pretty new to the hobby and a little green at distinguishing between the bad, good, and great lipos.
Thanks in advance for any/all help..