I recently got my hands on an XO-1 esc from a friend.
The problem is that it seems not to be working.
I have the TQi radio
I've plugged it into ch 2 on the tqi receiver
I've plugged both a 3s and a 5s lipo batt to power the esc

The ipod lights up green on both sides, indicating the radio and the receiver/car being recognized

I don't have the actual xo-1 car; I was going to put the set up in my 8th scale

I know that the motor works b/c I hooked it up to my Erevo and its fine
I know that the radio and reciever work b/c I put it in my slash and everything works fine.

I recalibrated my esc; when I apply throttle it turns green and brake it turns red ( though nothing
happens; i mean in terms of motor not spinning)

I don't have that sensor plug that comes out of the esc plugged in or anything.

Is there something that I am missing or is my esc defective?
I've tried to be as thorough as possible.

once again: I do not have the actual car just the esc, motor, tqi radio and receiver, no telemetry
ipod giving 2 green lights, but the unlock buttom is not coming up; and when I go into the garage to
try to unlock its gives the message " no unlockable device detected"

Please help!!!!

And thank you as always