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    Front & Rear Chassis Braces (my interpretation)

    Firstly not a a great deal new on the rear brace. I have seen a couple of front ones, but thought they could be a little weak, due to the chassis mounting point (body mount post).

    Therefore I thought I'ld share what I did.

    This installation is on the purchase of one set of Traxxas Pushrods (#5359). I chose this set as were the best length for the rear brace mod, and they look nice.

    Only tools used, Junior hacksaw, screw driver and drill.

    Front Mount first:

    Seeing a couple of interpretations of mounting points to the chassis, i thought this would be a weak or stress point of the installation. Most installations I had seen had a rod end bolted to the top of the body mount, with a big bash the bold could get pulled through.

    This is what I came up with

    I think it looks neat. Did take a little work as the push rod had to be shorted etc. However, the whole body mount when flex's pushes against the push rod.

    Stage one, I had to cut the Pushrod to length, decided to use the same pushrod as the rear, as had one spare following the rear istallation. When cutting the Pushrod, I cut it a little short, as wanted to place a plastic (thick) washer inbetween rod and upright (measure twice cut once).

    Stage two, drilled a new whole in the center of of Pushrod to take a 3mm allen (hex) bolt. just a normal 2.5 / 3mm drill bit. took it slow as wanted to insure a straight hole ( took about five mins to drill ).

    Had this mod on for a while seems to work well.

    The rear mod is pretty standard to all previous ones i've seen.

    Again all this done with only the tools mentioned above.
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