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Thread: Drive Shaft Mod

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    Drive Shaft Mod

    Hi, I have seen two ways to keep rocks out of drive shaft. I saw someone enclose the drive shaft in a carbon fiber tube (don't want) and others use material draped around driveshaft. Any details on this mod? Thanks

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    something my and my buddy did on our slash's awhile back was take some black tape and cover the hole where the driveshaft comes out and then just cut an X in it and run the driveshaft through. its not as good a fix as the carbon fiber tube but it did work for awhile. its not a permanent fix and will need to be redone every now and then but itll work for small rocks and some of the dirt

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    I agree its a real pain, and almost seems like rocks appear out if nowhere.

    I'll keep watching to see if someone posts a cheap easy permanent fix
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    I have seen some posts about gluing on neoprene around the hole. Suppose to work well. I am going to get some neoprene and try it out. I will report back. They mentioned making sure you scuff up the plastic so the glue will adhere well.

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