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    receivers question


    i know bugger all bout the radios/receivers in the rc cars and my collections growing so bout time i learnt some

    i got a savage flux that was running a venom radio n receiver untill today i think the reciver died cuz the truck wouldnt run n kept beeping, so we swaped the reciver over wit the one out of one of the erevo's we broke eriler to get it running, now what id like to do is use the radio that came wit my sprint 2 flux thats a tf-40

    my quesions is

    if i get a second rf-40 receiver like in my drifter will i be able to link it to the tf-40 radio to run my savage flux and sprint 2 flux off the same controller?

    obviously i dont wana run them both at the same time....

    hope this makes sence to someone and can help

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    I know you can run up to twenty RC's from the same controller with Traxxas receivers, but not at the same time, with Traxxas remotes.
    Since this is a Traxxas forum for Traxxas items only, this is the information that I can give you.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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