So here is my situation I ordered two 3232X Glow plugs which I had assumed were Super Duty ( or HD as far as Construction) yet Ifound I toasted those in about 2 days one only lasted about 15min.
I am not running lean and noticed both went bad when I shut it down using the fuel line clamp, yet I replaced the Plugs both times with an older one that was just included in a Lot of T-Maxx Items I aquired.
The Used Plug appears to have been used alot as it is Blackened and has signs of a bit of useage yet this plug seems to work fine when the New ones seem to go bad.
I recently ordered three more 3232X's and go figure after running about 3/4 of a tank through it when I shut it off Via the Clamp again I found when I went to restart the EZStart wand showed the Plug being bad again so I went back to the used plug and ran a couple more tanks through it.
Why does it appear to me I am getting bad or at least Light duty plugs and why is the old plug seem to keep on going even though the new ones go bad?
Is there a Heavier duty plug I can get for my 2.5 Engine?
Also why do they state not to run the engine lean and that glow plugs can burn up under lean conditions yet they recommend shutting down by running the engine out of fuel or running lean?
I seen a Device that you use to plug the exhaust to kill the engine even though that would seem to flood it would that possibly be a better option seeing how i have smoked three 3232X's by pinching off the fuel line?
The engine was running just fine prior to shut down and I counted each time and got about a Late 3 to early 4 Second count from the time I pinched teh line till it shut down so that falls right in the proper Mixture specs found in the manual.
I even took and set the HSN properly using the manual methods and to be sure I was not running to lean I richened the HSN about 1/8th turn just to be safe.
Any suggestions or Ideas as to what is going on would be greatly appreciated as it is costing me an arm and leg to keep replacing plugs like I have been.
I think I have went through 5 Plugs now in the last month maybe.