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    FPV CAMERA: should be the next summit UPDATE

    Spy gear ( cheap Tyco company) sells a fpv tank and car with color fpv video and glasses for $80

    Toys R Us sells two helicopters fpv systems ( one which sends video to an android cell phone) both for less than $130 each

    I thi˝k its .time for traxxas to offer a fpv system as an upgrade or update for the summit for around $100

    They could link it to their telemetry system and it would go as video into the ipod

    Come on Traxxas, get on the ball and stop treating us summit owners as ugly step sisters to the erevo
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    i completely agree mate

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    It's a nice idea but would be very limited and no more than a novelty.

    For $100 you just couldn't add the needed components to transmit and receive decent video over any range unles you went the iPhone route, but then that wouldn't work because the newer TQi is 2.4ghz and the video to the iPhone would also be 2.4ghz. Trust me, you just don't want to be putting two 2.4 signals that close together, you will lose one or the other.

    You are better off building your own FPV setup and using 5.8ghz (shortish range) or 1.3ghz (longer range, but then you'll need a control transmitter upgrade).

    Check over on fpvlab in the ground pounder section for loads of summit FPV builds and information.


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