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    Plastic tuned pipe ?!?!

    Hey... Nitro sport called...she want her plastic pipe back! What's up with that?

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    Some upgrades are left for the consumer to add like that one just like if you put rpm a arms on it traxxas is not going to put those on not just because it rpm either. I liked the plastic pipe for a beginner though starting out but I wouldn't keep it long term. That pipe is also used on rustler, sport, used to jato, pede needs updating on engine and pipe this one would work just right for too.
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    If every vehicle had a part unique to just that one, complains would rise because nothing is compatible with another. It is very cost effective for the manufacturer to pull and use parts from other vehicles onto another and as far as upgrades or modifications if the Nitro Sport and Slash share the same pipe, you know that an aftermarket Sport pipe works on the Slash. Aftermarket companies don't need to bear the cost of R&D to manufacture another pipe. So everyone wins.
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    The truck isnt marketed for the advanced racer or super-rc-nerd but for the entry level-new-to-nitro crowd.
    Its built to be cheap (cheap $, not quality). Everything but the chassis is pulled from the parts bin. Hate it or love it, but it produced a new rig for dirt cheap.

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    You can gain a little performance with the plastic pipe by taking the diffuser out, but it will make it louder also...

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    oh ya this is cheap you can get better i think for the price i mean what is a electric 4x4 slash about the same price and now with the lcg chassis why not easy to use and then there is the slayer that isnt that much more and it is a 4x4 too i dont see the point in this rc

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    i use jato dual chamber on rustler

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