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    Traxxas Lipo vs SPC

    I just ordered a 5000mah 3c Traxxass Lipo for $90 bucks. I see that people run SPC which I never heard of. Look them up and similiar 50C 5000mah is only 39.99? What is the diff? Why is Traxxas so high? Why does everyone like the SPC?

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    SPC is a lot cheaper 40 for a 3s 25c 5000mah . I would like the Traxxas one but the price is to much , Two batteries for same price .
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    Sorry guys this type of thread is just not allowed.

    Quote Originally Posted by The RUles
    7. No “this vs. that” posts (ie Ford vs Chevy): These types of threads invoke strong opinions, flaring tempers, and often result in flame wars and mass penalties. These threads will ultimately end up being deleted.
    Thread Closed.
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