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    lipo amperage question.

    Just out of curiosity. Why does a 3s 1500mah 25c lipo have more power than a 2s 2200mah 35c lipo when the 2s makes almost twice the amps. I know one has one more cell. Just thinking about this while I was having an epic bashing session today. Went through six packs. 4 of them 2s and two 3s. The two 3s packs were like the grand finale. Lol
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    The voltage is much higher resulting in pure wheelie power
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    3S voltage is 33% more power than 2S voltage.

    The 2S pack has 77 amps continuously available
    The 3S pack has 37.5 amps continuously available

    It is possible that 37 amps continuous is enough... or that the system was drawing more than that, going into the amount of amperage available in the burst availability.

    Also, the higher the voltage, the less amperage drawn.
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