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    Getting out of the sport, how much to ask for Jato

    Long story short I'm getting out of the sport and I'm looking to get rid of ALL my RC stuff.

    I have a well built Jato 3.3. RPM a-arms, Aluminum shock tower, aluminum turn buckles, aluminum bell crank, Aluminum traxxas shocks with TIN shafts and stiffer springs, Traxxas CVD's, Proline badland tires and wheels extra set of badlands, newer 3.3 motor with a half gallon through it. it has the 2.4ghz controller. TONS AND TONS of extra parts, full set of sand tires on wheels, extra blown motor for spare parts and some other parts I'm sure I'm missing.

    Only bad thing is the reciever on the Jato stopped working, but I have a spare spectrum reciever .

    I will include my tool box full of spare nuts, bolts, springs, CVD's, skid plates, VERY nice set of aluminum allen head drivers, shock oil, 3-4 air filters, pull start, body pins, glow plugs, spur gears, battery connectors, temp gauge, charger for the jato, OEM jato shocks.....bla bla bla.

    I have alot of money tied up in these things and I know its hard to get it back out of them, but I'd like to know what you'd ask for them. I was thinking 1000 for EVERYTHING. I'm sure theres a bunch of parts I'm missing but you know how RC parts accumulate.

    Maybe 250 for the jato

    Link to the album with a bunch of pictures.

    There are plenty of other places to get support and assistance for non-Traxxas items. This is a Traxxas-owned site for Traxxas only.
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    if you need the cash continue trying to sell....
    if not maybe barter them on craigslist....I see them (rc's) all the time there. Figure out what you want, see if someone has it then trade...

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